High School Scholarship Program

High School Scholarship Program

Dining Services at The Campus of Anna Maria


As part of The Campus of Anna Maria’s overall initiatives to support our local community, as well as to meet the organizations staffing needs, Anna Maria has created a scholarship program for high school juniors and seniors who are employed part-time in dining services on our Campus.

Program eligibility, requirements and details are as follows:

  • To receive a scholarship, the employee must be at least 16 years old and a high school junior or senior at date of hire.
  • The employee must be employed for one full year from date of hire (volunteer hours are not included, for example) in the dining services departments. The employee can work in any of our three dining services departments – Kensington at Anna Maria, Anna Maria nursing facility or Anna Maria assisted/independent living.
  • The employee’s employment must be continuous over the course of the year. Existing employees (high school juniors & seniors) will qualify for the program, but with a program start date in 2023.
  • There are three scholarship levels. The amount of the scholarship corresponds to the hours worked over the one year from date of hire. Note that the scholarship is given based on the total hours worked after one year – it is not a weekly or monthly requirement, but the total at the end of one year of employment.

Scholarship level I:                                                                                                         Scholarship Amount

Worked on average 7 hours a week x 52 weeks = 364 hours worked                                  $1,000

Scholarship level II:

Worked on average 12 hours a week x 52 weeks = 624 hours.                                    $1,500

Scholarship level III:

Worked on average 16 hours a week x 52 weeks = 832 hours.                                    $2,000


  • Starting hourly wage is $11.00 with no experience; up to $14 with experience.
  • Current 4-hour shifts are 3pm-7pm; 3:30pm-7:30pm; 4pm-8pm, depending on the department. Most part-time positions require at least one weekend shift per week (4-hour shift minimum).
  • Scholarships will be paid out within 30 days of completing the one year from date of hire, and meeting all the requirements.
  • There is no requirement for the student to show proof of how the scholarship disbursement is going to be spent.



Illustrative Example:

A high school junior, age 16, applies as a server at Anna Maria main kitchen, and is hired on 2/1/2023. He/she commits to a schedule of two 4-hour shifts per week. The student remains employed over the year through 2/10/2024. Over the course of the year (52 weeks), the student works mostly the minimum 2 4-hour shifts per week. However, the student misses several weeks during the year due to a combination of school activities, sickness and a family vacation. At the same time, the student picked up additional hours in the summer, as well as a few extra weekend shifts throughout the year. The student’s total hours at the end of one year end up at 422. Because the student exceeded the 416 hours worked, the student receives a scholarship of $1,000. If the student were to have worked a minimum of 624 hours, he/she would have received a scholarship of $1,500, etc.

For more information, Please contact Tiffany Bland, Human Resources Director, at (330) 562-6171 x351, or tbland@annamariaofaurora.com

Applications are available online at www.annamariaofaurora.com/careers