Atrium Assisted Living and Assisted Living Memory Care Outdoor Visitation Policy 

 The guidelines laid out in this policy are based on the guidelines provided by the Ohio Assisted Living Association. These policies and procedures have been made to keep you and all of the residents and staff as safe as possible. 

Reflections will be starting outdoor visitation on June 11, 2020. 

Visitation Policy Guidelines

  • You must schedule your visit in advance. 
  • You must cancel your visit by phone if you have any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 or suspect for any reason that you may be ill. Do not show up at the facility to cancel. 
  • You must check in at door D4 before starting your visit. 
  • You must arrive and depart on time for your visit so not to overlap with other visitation times. 
  • You must provide and wear your own facial mask during the entire check in and visitation process. You will not be allowed to visit if you do not have a mask. 
  • Your mask must be worn properly, securely covering your mouth and nose. 
  • Every individual visitor must sign that they have read and understood an educational document about the symptoms and transmission of Covid-19 during the check process of your first visit. 
  • Every visitor must sign in, get their temperatures taken and fill out signs/symptoms during check in for every visit. 
  • Only 2 visitors may attend each scheduled session. 
  • You must not make physical contact with anyone living in or working in the facility. 
  • You may not hand anything to residents or staff during your visit. All drop off items will continue to be managed at the main Atrium entrance. 
  • Visitation will be monitored by staff and only permitted to last 15 minutes per session. 
  • The number of visits each resident can receive will be based on the availability of staff and will be determined on case by case basis and may change at any time. 
  • No pets will be permitted during visitation. 
  • Visitation may be cancelled due to weather conditions or other concerns. We will try to reschedule your session but there is no guarantee that we will be able to. 
  • No smoking is permitted anywhere on Atrium property. 
  • These policies and procedures can be changed or updated at any time. 
  • Any violation of these policies can result in removal from the visitation program. 

To set up your outdoor visitation session please call Samantha Foreman at 330-732-8130 or email