COVID-19 Update: New Restrictions – Anna Maria/Kensington

Dear Families and Friends,

We, along with all other long term care providers across the state and nationally, were informed of additional restrictions over the weekend.

At the state level, the Ohio Dept. of Health has revised its order from last week to now further restrict visitors to “end of life situations” only.

At the federal level, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued the same guidance on visitation, plus a ban on communal dining and all group activities, such as internal and external group activities.

Anna Maria and Kensington have implemented the further visitation restriction, and the cancellation of group activities. We will be implementing the elimination of communal dining over the next 48 hours. The result will be a combination of staggered dining times as well as residents eating in their rooms—all designed to minimize exposure.

We are currently working on getting the Skype application installed on several iPads, and should have this ready in the next few days. We will do our best to keep you informed as this crisis evolves.

We will be providing residents with this same update today.



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